What We Use

Your products are very special to you. At PackshotBoys we use the best digital camera and lighting equipment available to produce stunning quality images to do your products justice.

For digital capture, we have three large format Leaf digital backs. These can be coupled to any of our camera systems the most common being the Leaf/Hasselblad/Zeiss set-up.

If perspective control is required or preferred we can either go with the Leaf/Hasselblad Flexbody/Zeiss or Sivestri-Bicam/Schneider route, either way the quality will be unsurpassed.

For room-set interiors or location interiors there’s no set up like the Silvestri flat body bicam and the Schneider digitar. The optics are razor sharp and as the lens is so close to the Leaf’s sensor there’s virtually no distortion. Another benefit of the Silvestri is the sliding back, which together with the generous image circles of the Schneider digitars gives the option of stitching several images together to create fabulous panoramics.

Another interesting and useful set-up is the Horseman Digiflex11/Nikkor. Although file size is smaller, the option to use any of Nikons huge range of optics creates lots of opportunities.

Packshotboys also specialise in Spin 360.
Orbitvu is a great system for producing 360 degree interactive product presentations and distributing them online. It takes care of every step of the process, from object rotation and image sequence capture, through editing, to presentation export and publishing to web server.

With the Leaf’s tethered to our studio Mac’s we can view and tweak the images as they are taken. Leaf Capture and Capture One software then enables us to optimise the raw images before file conversion and post production in Photoshop.

What We Use.

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Packshot Boys is a trading name of CadzowPelosi.