Spin 360

Spin 360 photography has been developed for the Internet and other media devices to enable customers to view a 360 degree virtual representation of your products. 360 Spin presentations showcase your products better than static photos. And when products look better, they sell better too.

Each Spin is usually made with 36 high-resolution images taken at 10 degree intervals to ensure a smooth, fluid playback of the animation. The spins are also fully zoomable to the finest detail and visable from any angle.

The custom software provides easy code snippets to allow a 360 degree product view to be published not only on your website, but also on major e-commerce platforms, and on destination sites such as e-bay. They can also be shared on Facebook and other networks.

The 360-viewer is based on HTML5 and Flash technology so can be viewed on all computer platforms or mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

There are very few products that we can’t spin, with the upper weight limit being 250kg.

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