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I’m fascinated by the resurgence of interest in retro gear and shooting in film. Like the vinyl comeback in the music industry this is possibly fueled by a new generation who having never experienced what it’s like to shoot, process and print in traditional media have some sort of unrequited nostalgia about it all. I also think that for for some it’s a chance to take them away from the ‘auto everything’ and have total control over the images they produce. Maybe for some they are trying to say, ‘look at me I am a photographer‘ not one of your ‘pick up a digital SLR, select auto program and declare yourself a photographer’ types. Whatever the reason, shooting on film is a fantastically rewarding journey that any serious photographer should undertake at some time. Me??…for pleasure I’d love to do it again, commercially, with 80 millionpixels on offer from the Mamiya Leaf backs,… I don’t think so.
Maybe not everyone who is familiar with the lifestyle and product photography of Packshotboys will be aware that their parent company Cadzow Pelosi have been involved in the specialised field of Architectural and Interior photography for over 20 years. Back in the days ( not too long ago ) 5 x 4 technical cameras, DD Slides, fabulous 5X4 transparencies, polaroids and even the odd week spent in the darkroom were the order of the day. Now its a combination of technical cameras ( Silvestri Bi-Cam ) Hasselblad and Mamiya Leaf digital backs.
I thought I could post some shots of old and new.
This first shot is of ‘The Homes for the Future’ and was taken approximately 20 years ago for Elder & Canon Architects. This was originally shot on 5×4 transparency.
The second older shot is of Scottish Nuclear HQ, Comprehensive Design Architects. Shot on 5×4 transparency.
The remainder of the images are from one of our latest commissions. One Riverside, Rochdale. Joint commission: Faulknerbrowns Architects and Orangebox.
For more information and access to view more images please visit and our pinterest page
If anyone is interested in going down the route of film/film processing and printing I can recommend Silverprint for all your supplies.
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