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Posted: Thursday, April 16, 2015 - Category: Blog

Hello everyone,

Helena here from Packshotboys. David is busy taking photographs so I am left in charge of the blog. Lucky you.

What is your favourite room in the house? In our family it is definitely the kitchen. Not just because I am such a great cook (and I really am) but also because our kitchen is like a main square, it’s our central meeting point, you could say it’s the heart of our home.

We start our mornings in it, make plans for the day, sometimes even do the homework and of course relax with a cup of tea – or bottle of…fresh water!

I’m sure this kitchen story is familiar all over the country.

A few months ago we were in Ayr shooting for Creative Designs Kitchens and their impressive range of modern Alno kitchens.

Watch our video from the shoot and see what has been cooking in Germany’s largest kitchen manufacturing group.

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